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Lower fender boxes make for great storage

Low Fender Boxes

Our low fender boxes provide ample storage to house your water systems, electrical systems, or cargo and can easily be converted to a bed or dinette system for your camper van. The perfect storage solution to start your van build!

sprinter van foot rest

Folding Foot Rest

Ease leg pain for your short-legged co-drivers! This foot rest is designed for the tall Sprinter seat pedestal and can be mounted front or rear for when the seat has been swiveled.

Tall Fender Boxes

Our #1 most versatile camper van component is our fender boxes. There is ample storage space under both boxes to house either electrical, water tanks, or gear - making it the perfect starter component for your van conversion.

Revel, Storyteller, & Sprinter Van Upgrade


This 12pc. kit is designed to give you cross-bed ventilation with our vented rear door windows, extra storage with our lower door MOLLE panels, and an extra work space with our new drop down table.

Tacoma Overland Accessories

Tacoma Modular Bed Plate

Our CNC cut and formed bed plate system is the most innovative bed plate on the market. This system attaches to factory bed bolts and allows you to mechanically bolt our interior furniture or cargo slides in any configuration without the risk of wood rot.

sprinter van cubby storage

Step Well Trim / Step Cubby Kit

Need a solution to clean up the sliding door entry step in your Sprinter camper van? Give it a clean finish with our new Step Well Trim/Step Cubby Kit! The cubby addition is a great way to keep your smaller cargo stowed away when traveling or parked for the night.

van toilet storage

Toilet Box

Our new hinge lid toilet box is built to fit the Dometic 5-gallon toilet or the Thetford 5-gallon toilet with a front access door for the flush handle. These boxes are the same dimensions as our low fender boxes, making them a clean & functinoal addition to your adventure van build.

sprinter van components

Sliding Door Side Galley with Fridge Cutout

Built specifically to fit the Isotherm DR85, this galley is a durable & versatile addition to your Sprinter van conversion, Transit van conversion, or adventure van build. Complete with sink, faucet, and foot pump for water supply and one utensil drawer.

sprinter van galley

SL Galley

Comes complete with a sink, faucet, and foot pump for water supply. This galley does not need a power source and is compatible with Sprinter vans, Transit vans, and Promaster vans - the adventure van component you need! Sink and faucet upgrade options are available.



This bench seat with a hinge top lid gives you ample inside storage and seating in your camper van. A nice seating addition on the driver side of all mid-wheel base Sprinter vans or Transit vans.

Pedestal Sink

Our pedestal sink is 18" long x 33" tall x 22" deep. Complete with sink, faucet, and foot pump, this is a perfect camper van accessory. This galley does not need a power source to use the water pump - universal to all Sprinter van or Transit van makes and models.

sprinter van galley

Pedestal Cabinet

Our pedestal galley is 18" long x 33" tall x 22" deep. This is a perfect and durable camper van accessory, complete with two drawers for extra cargo space. Each drawer measures 14" wide x 10" deep x 20" front to back. This galley is universal to all Sprinter van or Transit van makes and models. Made in the USA from high quality, lightweight aluminum.

sprinter van components

Rear Lower Door Panels

Our rear lower door panels provide extra attachment points for our drop down table or any other off-road accessories you carry in your Sprinter van conversion.

durable cabinets for sprinter vans

Overhead Storage

Our aluminum-constructed cabinets offer lightweight and best-in-class durability, making them the perfect fit when searching for storage solutions for your camper van build. Built to fit your Sprinter Van or Transit Van!

Rear shock reinforcement kit

RSR KIT Rear Shock Reinforcement

Strengthen your Sprinter vans' rear suspension's weakest link, the upper shock bolt - with our rear shock reinforcement kit. Don't catch yourself without this off-road van necessity!

overland van accessories

DIY Slides

With a 500lb. weight capacity, these slides are a great way to transport large and heavy items in your overland vehicle while still having easy access to your cargo.

smart floor accessories

Table Leg Adapter Plate

If you have an RRE Global Smart Floor, you are going to want to add this accessory to your van build. Easily mount our quick release table leg and mount the table top (optional add-ons) to create a table anywhere in your Sprinter van or Transit van conversion.

drop down table for sprinter van

Drop Down Table

Our new and improved design now has a rattle-proof latch, nylon-coated support cable, two drink holders, and a molle panel for mounting accessories or storage bags when folded!

DIY van build necessity

Ceiling Beam Covers

These beam covers are 12ga. galvanized steel and provide the structure and thickness necessary to give you a solid mounting surface for your Sprinter van build.

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