Overhead Cabinets

Our aluminum-constructed cabinets offer decrease weight and best-in-class durability.  Made from one piece of precision bent aluminum with riveted end pieces gives these cabinets the durability you want from something over your head. Our Transit cabinets offer a DIY door and end piece construction for that personal feel. Sprinter Cabinets Upper Sprinter Cabinets, 52″ long […]

Tall Fender Box Set

Tall fender box, 60″ long by 33″ and 18″deep tall, ample storage space, water face can be added to either driver side, or passenger side. The upper lid opens for additional storage, enough space under for either electrical, water tanks, or gear. Complete with removable bed planks. 72″ long tall fender box set, functional storage, […]

Low Fender Box Set

60″ long low fender box, storage on both sides, water panel, the electrical panel can be chosen on either side, comes with removable table planks that easily convert into bed planks. 72″ long low fender boxes, table planks that convert into bed planks, storage within fender boxes, water tank fits perfectly, or electrical system Our […]

Galleys and Pedestal Galley

Pedestal Sink,18″ long X 33″ tall X 22″ deep, fits any model, complete with sink, faucet, and foot pump. Does not need a power source to use a water pump. Universal to all makes and models. Galley 46″ long X 36″ tall X 22″ deep, equipped with sink, faucet, and foot pump. Standard Galley does […]

Drop Down Table

Drop Down Table 12″tall X 20″long, flip-up, door mount table, compact and ready to mount anywhere! Universal to any build.  Made of marine grade aluminum. Need easy access to a table on your conversion? This table is the answer you have been looking for.  Easy to install and offers a twist for doors that slant […]

DIY 60″ Slide Kit

DIY Slide Kit, 60″ long, easy to mount to the subfloor, universal to all makes and models, does not come with base. Our DIY Slide Kit offers the a great way to transport large and heavy items in your conversion while still have the ability to move them easily out of the way.  Our bases […]