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Ceiling Beam Covers

DIY van build necessity

When installing interior roof panels, overhead cabinets, or shiplap wood, you will notice that it is very difficult not to hit factory holes in the Sprinter van factory ceiling beams. These beam covers are 12ga. galvanized steel and provide the structure and thickness necessary to give you a solid mounting surface for your Sprinter van build. The kit comes with 5 pcs for the 144wb Sprinter or 7pcs for the 170wb Sprinter, install hardware included. Additional covers can be added for long-wheelbase vans. High roof and low roof compatible, specific to your Sprinter van. Made in the USA from high-quality, lightweight aluminum.

Ceiling Beam Covers - set of 5 $325.00
Ceiling Beam Covers - set of 7 $455.00

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