Galleys and Pedestal Galley


Sink,18″ long X 33″ tall X 22″ deep, fits any model, complete with sink, faucet, and foot pump. Does not need a power source to use a water pump. Universal to all makes and models.


46″ long X 36″ tall X 22″ deep, equipped with sink, faucet, and foot pump. Standard Galley does not need a power source and is compatible with the Sprinter, Transit, and Promaster Vans.

Pedestals Starting at $950

Galley Starting at $3200

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  • Price: $950.00
    If you wish to order more than one product select the quantity, if you want to order a different product please fill out the form for your second item. We will contact you about each item before payment in order to give you the best price on shipping.
  • $0.00
    Shipping not included
  • Example: 2020, Mercedes, Sprinter, 144, Highroof

By “Starting the Process” our team will contact you about your order and set up shipping if needed.  And direct you to make your choice of payment 


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