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Single Bench Seat/Storage


This bench seat with a hinge top lid gives you ample inside storage and seating in your camper van. A nice seating addition on the driver side of all mid-wheel base Sprinter or Transit vans. Mount up a Lagun table and create the perfect workspace in your van conversion. This can now be purchased as an individual component for extra seating and storage solutions in your Sprinter or Transit van. Made in the USA from high-quality, lightweight aluminum.

*Cushions NOT Included – May Request Upon Ordering

28" SEAT/STORAGE $800.00
48" SEAT/STORAGE $1,500.00
60" SEAT/STORAGE $1,800.00

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Upgrade your Sprinter Van Conversion, Transit Van Conversion, Storyteller, or Revel with this component. Durable & Functional Off-Road Van Accessories Made in the USA



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